We offer painting after fire impregnation via experienced partners

Thanks to our partners in industrial painting, we can offer CE-certified painting after our fire impregnation. This means that you can guarantee the fire class with full documentation, regardless of the desired color.

Fire protection for an exterior environment

A good fire protection must work in all environments, especially exteriors where the stress is greatest. The challenge with exterior fire protection is that the fire class must be maintained over time, and not affect the visuals. Therefore, at NTL, we always recommend topcoating to achieve local requirements for long-term durability.

Fire protection in an interior environment

The increasing trend of visible wood used in interior environments places higher demands on fire protection. To avoid covering wood with, for example, gypsum boards, fire impregnation can be a great alternative. Unlike exterior protection, however, the interior environment places high demands on smoke development and its toxicity levels (VOC).

Painting or laquer after fire impregnation

A valid fire classification must also include the painted or laquered surface layer. Therefore, fire tests of the final product, including treatment, are always required.


We often encounter similar questions from customers and partners. We have therefore collected all the most common ones below. If you do not find what you are looking for - please just ask us and we will respond quickly!

The fire test SP Fire 105 ensures that BBR:s requirements for facades on buildings over two floors are followed. It's a construction-specific fire test, which means it's not black or white.

It's always up to each and every fire consultant if the documentation for SP Fire 105 is applicable for the specific project.

Yes, we offer CE-certified painting via our industrial painting partners.

Fire impregnation creates increased flexibility because the fire protection penetrates straight through the wood. This creates the opportunity to cut and saw the wood after impregnation and maintain the fire class, something that is not possible with surface treatments.

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