Nordic Timber Labs has secured funding from the European Union, propelling their vision of fire safe wood construction.

European Union Fuels Innovation in Wood Fire Protection for Finland's First Impregnation Facility

In the establishment of Finland's first facility for fire impregnation of wood, Nordic Timber Labs Oy has received funding from the European Union. The EU support comes as a boost for the company's innovative wood fire protection business, helping companies in the wood industry to enhance the fire properties of wood to address large scale wood construction projects.

EU funding empowers sustainable wood construction via fire protection by Nordic Timber Labs Oy

The infusion of funds will enable Nordic Timber Labs Oy to further enhance its development and establishment of state-of-the-art fire protection technologies in Finland, promoting environmentally friendly wood construction. The company is committed to utilizing this investment to drive advancements in fire-resistant treatments for timber and related materials, aligning with broader goals of sustainability and safety within the European market.

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