Nordic Timber Labs OY (NTL), the specialized provider of timber fire protection services, and Oy Lunawood Ltd, today announce a strategic partnership for the development and provision of fire protected Lunawood Thermowood. The ecological Lunawood Thermowood products will be available with fire protection from the beginning of 2023, further expanding the possibilities of using it in sustainable architecture at scale.

Strategic partnership increases the degree of domesticity

"We are proud to be teaming up with such a competent and well-respected innovator in the Thermowood space, and it's exciting bringing novel technology to the Finnish timber market. The global commercial footprint of Lunawood products helps us enable fire safe wood construction all around the world" says NTL CEO Vincent Parasnis

"We are happy that such specialized expertise has been established in Finland. This co-operation increases the degree of domesticity and both usability and competitiveness of sustainable wood products manufactured entirely in Finland in the international market. We are proud to work with professional people, and that the production facility has been established so close to our headquarters, which enables us to have the subcontracting within our quality control circle," cheers Maija Masalin, VP Marketing and Product Management at Oy Lunawood Ltd .

Production begins in NTL's Lahti plant during January 2023

The partnership launch coincides with the launch of NTL's production plant in Lahti, the first of two operational plants in the Nordics. "The strategic position of Lahti to the Finnish timber industry, as well as its excellent logistical location played significant roles in our investment decision" says CEO Parasnis. "Our production facility is tailored exclusively for timber fire protection and is CE-certified through Finotrol."

NTL expects investments in its Lahti plant to continue, to accommodate the growing demand in the region. "In this first phase we have prioritized a rapid launch, however we expect our investments in the Lahti plant to scale significantly in the next 24 months to expand capacity and further strengthen production capabilities." says CEO Parasnis.

Support from LADEC enabled the investment in Lahti

"The credibility of Lahti as the 2021 European Green Capital definitely aligned with the ethos of our company and operations. It was also visible in the support from both public and private

sector when establishing our production. Sari Kesäniemi, who works in the Investment services of Lahti Regional Development Company LADEC Oy, served as an important counterpart and support for our plans. LADEC and Sari specifically really eased our establishing process from start to finish, providing support with everything from permit applications to practical arrangements for our investment," says CEO Parasnis.

Additional information:

CEO Vincent Parasnis, Nordic Timber Labs Oy, (in English), tel. +46 70 995 54 35 or email


VP Marketing and Product Management Maija Masalin, Oy Lunawood Ltd, tel. 040 828 3877 or email

Nordic Timber Labs is a specialized provider of fire protection services with its base in Sweden. The first production site is currently operational in Lahti, Finland. Our vision is to enable sustainable wood construction in a safe way

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