Autoclave system for fire impregnation in the NTL factory

Who are NTL?

Nordic Timber Labs (NTL) is a service provider of fire impregnation for wood. We are a Lego player and therefore do not work with our own wooden products.

We can offer an impregnation solution with complete documentation for current requirements for fire classes that are constantly evolving according to what laws, regulations and the market demand.

NTL Finland

Harjuviidantie 1, 15550 Lahti, Finland

NTL Sweden – Coming soon

In 2024, we will open our second facility, which will be located in Sweden

Long-term relationships build trust

We believe in building strong relationships with our partners - both suppliers and customers. Here are some of them.

In association with:
Vacuum lift company
drying kiln technology company

Got any questions?

Contact us if you want to hear more about NTL or fire-protected wood - we are always happy to help!

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